2021 Essay  Competition 

Deadline January 27, 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic has raised unprecedented questions about the roles of state and local governments and school districts and the power of the governor.  Select one of the following, A, B, or C as your essay topic.


A.  Should a governor have the power to close businesses or impose limits such as requiring bars to serve food as well as liquor in order to stay open?


B.  What should be the relationship between the state, local governments and school districts during this crisis?  Do you think the governor should have the right to withhold public funds from counties that fail to carry out the governor's orders on COVID-19 related shutdowns?


C.  Should the state or school districts make the decision as to whether classes should be held in school or online?  Who should determine whether school sports should be played during the pandemic?

2021 Essay Question