2022 Essay  Contest 

Deadline January 28, 2022

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At the beginning of each decade, each state redraws the maps that are used to determine state legislative districts and U.S. House of Representatives Congressional Districts. This process is known as redistricting and the districts are based on figures derived from the decennial census.


This process has become very controversial in recent years. There have been charges that some states have drawn districts that are unfairly partisan, a process known as gerrymandering. This gerrymandering is said by some to occur most often in states in which the legislatures draw the maps.


Some states, however, have developed systems in which a non-partisan commission is responsible for creating the legislative and congressional districts. Pennsylvania has not gone in that direction. A five member Commission that includes four sitting legislators draws the state legislative maps and the Congressional maps are done separately through legislation.


What do you think? Should Pennsylvania continue to use the current system? Or should the Keystone State join other states in creating non-partisan commissions to carry out the decennial redistricting?

2022 Essay Question