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2023 Essay  Contest 

Deadline January 27, 2023

Click here for the full 2023 Application and Instructions. 



In Pennsylvania in recent years, there has been an increased use of constitutional amendments to change laws in this state.

In particular, there is a possibility that Pennsylvania voters this spring will be asked to vote on a proposal involving the General Assembly’s authority over regulations, the way Lieutenant Governors are elected, the availability of abortions in this Commonwealth, the required use of voter identification at the polls, and requiring the Auditor General to conduct election audits.


The Supporters of this process say it is a way to allow the people of the Keystone State to vote directly on important issues. Opponents maintain that this mechanism bypasses the usual legislative process and eliminates the role of the Governor and the opportunity for judicial review by the courts.


What do you think? Is the increased use of the constitutional amendment process an appropriate way to establish public policy in Pennsylvania?  Why or why not?

2023 Essay Question

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